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Madrichim Registration 2018-2019

Madrichim (Teaching Assistant) Application '17-'18

Anyone entering grades 8 through 12 at Shir Hadash is eligible to apply for the program.  If you are interested please complete the application below.  Geoff will be in contact with you by early August.

We are so excited that you want to help out in your school and give back to your community!

Also - Please Save the Date:
Sunday afternoon, August 26th from 2:45 pm - 4:00 pm for orientation where we will get to know each other better, what the program is about and get to know Geoff a bit better as well.

Section 1: Basic Information

Please make sure this is an email that you will check. We send out updates periodically about your class and special programs you will be helping with during the year.

Your cell phone - not your parents.
If you do not have one put 555-555-5555

If you do not have one put 555-555-5555

Section 2: Information About You

Please complete the following with as much information as possible. The more you let us know, the better we can pair you with the correct teacher and class.

* Do you play an instrument?
* Are you an artist?
* Do you like to sing?
* Do you make balloon animals?

ANYTHING you can think of put down here!

Section 3: Placement Preference Information

Please fill out your placement preferences below. Keep in mind that we need Madrichim everywhere. We will do our best but we cannot guarantee that you will get the placement you have requested.

Grade/Specialty Area Preference

Please rank your placement preference below.  1 being the highest.  You can select multiple options for a number (i.e. more than one #2, etc.)

   Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten
   1st and 2nd Grade
   3rd and 4th Grade
   5th and 6th Grade
   7th Grade
   Tutoring in Hebrew
   Art (Omanut)
   Music (Shira)
   Office Assistant
   Special Needs Advocate
   School Photographer

Don't worry about your Hebrew! 

More often than not, you will be asked to help with some simple Hebrew work that (whether you realize it or not) you CAN do.

Section 4: Additional Opportunities to get involved beyond the Madrichim Program

By submitting this application, I acknowledge that, as a Madrich/a, I am setting an example for our younger students, peers, and teachers. I will act responsibly, arrive in a timely manner, and communicate with Geoff in the RS Office if I have any scheduling conflicts or concerns throughout the year.

Wed, March 20 2019 13 Adar II 5779