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Consideration & Scholarship

We are honored that you wish to make Shir Hadash your spiritual home.  It is costly to run a synagogue committed to excellence – in education, inspiring services, programming, staffing and member services.  Shir Hadash believes that an inability to pay should never be a barrier to membership or education.  If the minimum dues amounts are beyond your means, then please take a few moments to complete the following information as part of the consideration process.  Then complete the remaining membership forms on the home page. 

Though you may have qualified for assistance last year that does not guarantee that you will receive the same level, or any, assistance this year.

The forms will be considered complete when you complete this form (The Consideration Form) AND the Membership Renewal/Application.

We hope your financial circumstances improve, and that you will contribute higher payments as you are able.

Please let us know the best phone number at which we cant contact you to confidentially discuss the consideration. 

Feel free to be as specific as you need regarding best days and times (i.e. Monday 5pm - 9 pm, etc.)

Please let us know the preferred email you would like us to contact you at if we have follow up question.

Senior families - the oldest member of the family was born on or before July 1, 1952.

The Samuel I. Andes Scholarship Fund was established to enable all Jewish youth the opportunity to have a Jewish education at Shir Hadash Reconstructionist Synagogue.  This is a need based fund which is in place for those children who would otherwise not be able to attend the Shir Hadash Religious School due to economic reasons.

Indicate your children's name(s) and grade(s) for the 2017-2018 school year.

Please be aware that adjustments to Membership Financial Commitments are awarded independently (excluding Religious School and Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fees) from school scholarship requests. There are limited funds for both and the maximum amount of all considerations and adjustments cannot exceed 75% of total dues and tuition.

Per the Shir Hadash Bylaws, only members in good standing will be eligible for financial assistance.  If dues were previously adjusted or school scholarship assistance was given, and a balance is still owed at year-end, no future financial assistance will be granted or considered until this is cleared up.

We are asking all of our members, on consideration or on full commitment, to give a little more next year than they did last year, as the expenses of running the congregation continue to rise.

What is the highest amount you are able to pay this year?
Enter the maximum amount you feel your budget and situation can handle.

Keep in mind that the minimum dues are as follows:

  2 Adult Household 1 Adult Household
2 Senior Household
(both 65 or older)
1 Senior Household
(65 or older
1 Young Adult
$2,650 $1,630 $1,630 $920 $600
Monthly Payments
(spread over 10 months)
$265 $163 $163 $92 $60


The above amounts reflect the minimum dues households pay without consideration.  After seeing the above amounts, please enter what your family is able to afford each month.


Now take the amount to the left and multiply it by 10.  Enter this number in the next box titled "Annual Commitment.

So that we may fairly and equitably assess your financial need, please share with us a little bit about why you are requesting financial assistance at this time.  Anything you wish to share with us would be extremely helpful and kept confidential.

The entry field below will expand to accommodate a longer answer.

As a member of Shir Hadash, I understand I am making a commitment to support the Jewish community. I/we understand that all financial commitments must be current, and I/we must be a Member in Good Standing (according to the policies of Shir Hadash) in order to receive High Holy Day tickets and other synagogue services. I further understand Shir Hadash depends upon this commitment and I pledge to fulfill my financial obligation on or before May 1, 2017.  If I am unable to do so, I agree to contact the Executive Director to make alternative payment arrangements.
My/Our good faith commitment to fulfill this membership pledge during the required time period is represented by entering my/our name(s) below.

Please select the option above to indicate how you intend on paying.  You will be given instructions for completing the payment process after you are contacted by the Finance Committee.

For more information on these payment options, click here

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please be as straightforward as possible, so that we can refine and improve the user experience form.


Make sure you read the instructions on the following page after hitting the submit button.

Wed, April 25 2018 10 Iyyar 5778