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Shop Shir Hadash

The easiest way to financially support Shir Hadash is through SHOP! Here is how it works: you purchase gift certificates (scrip) through Shir Hadash, and we earn a percentage of that purchase. You pay face value for the gift certificate. You get face value for the gift certificates. It costs you no more than you are spending anyway, Shir Hadash makes money. Win-Win. CLICK HERE to find out how to sign up for ShopwithScript!

Volunteer to work the Shop Table!

We need volunteers to man the Shop Shir Hadash table on Sunday mornings during Sunday School,  This is a low stress, no training required job.  The job description:

  • Come to Sunday School on your date at 9 am. 
  • Take the Shop gift cards out of the folder and put them on the table.
  • Record purchases & payments for cards.  Collect payments. 
  • Write down special requests so that those cards can be ordered.
  • Give prepaid envelopes to folks (their names are on the envelopes!)
  • Clean up and leave at 12.30(ish).

We suggest bringing a book to read - there is a significant amount of down time when there isn't much traffic!  This is a super easy, low commitment job, but we do need to cover every day that we have Sunday School.  Sign up here for a date - if you are available for more than one day, please come back to this page and sign up again.



  • How does Shir Hadash make money on this? We buy the scrip at a discounted rate; so, for example, we may buy $100 in scrip for $92.
  • What does it cost me to take advantage of this? Nothing! You pay $25 for a $25 gift certificate and you receive $25 in product or service when you use it.
  • How does Shir Hadash make money on this? We buy the scrip at a discounted rate, so for example, we may buy $100 in scrip for $92.  
  • What does it cost me to take advantage of this? Nothing! you pay $25 for a $25 gift certificate and you receive $25 in product or service when you use it.
  • How much money will the shul make on my purchase? The percentage that the shul makes varies by vendor. Check this list for the percentages.
  • How much can Shir Hadash really make on this? We are averaging $4000 a year, but we could be earning much, much more. Check out this page for some exciting numbers!
  • What stores are available? There are more than 250 different stores, restaurants and services on the list. The most popular are Jewel, Sunset, Whole Foods and Starbucks.  We also have Amazon, Lettuce Entertain You, Land's End....check this list.
  • Who is this provider? We work with Great Lakes Scrip (GLS) and the Manna Group, two organizations that specialize in providing non-profits gift cards for fundraising. GLS allows for online purchasing.
  • Hey! How do I buy online? Follow this link for more information on that process!
  • How does the scrip (gift certificates) get to me? You can order online, pick up at Sunday School, pick up from the office during the week, or from the Schleichers' in Northbrook. Let us know if you want to pick up at the office or from the Schleichers' so that we can have your order ready for you. 
  • How do I pay for the scrip? We prefer that you pay by check, written to Shir Hadash when you receive your scrip. When you purchase online you can pay by a direct withdrawal from your bank account. We can accept credit card payment, but we do add a 2.5% charge to cover the costs to the shul. For larger purchases, we may be able to waive the fee.
  • How do I reach you with questions? You can reach both Gina and Lise at Both of our numbers are listed in the directory if you need to call us.
Wed, February 19 2020 24 Shevat 5780