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Member Renewal 2023-2024

Please refer to our Membership Information Page for help on which category to select.


Review the information below for accuracy and make any necessary updates or changes.  This information will be reflected in the congregation's directory and for any mailings.  


if required
if applicable
if applicable


We have your children's information from last year. If you have added any new children to your family, please enter that child(ren)'s information by clicking the small + sign below. Keep clicking the + sign until you have finished entering all updated children's information. Also, please refer to our Membership Information Page for maximum age limits before children need their own membership accounts.
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If none, leave blank

Please refer to our Membership Information Page for more information about our Voluntary Commitment program. All members that contribute at least 10% more than they did last year will be recognized as being part of our Haverim Society.

   BULDING FUND         

Please refer to our Information Membership Page for information about our Building Fund and your obligations in this area.
*If you choose to pay your Building Fund commitment all at once, you receive a 20% discount off the total of $2450 for a full payment of $1960.


This amount should include voluntary tuition for all students entering Grades K-7. The break-even amount per student this year is $1,539. Please refer to  our Membership Information Page for more details about Religious School Voluntary Tuition.

For additional information about our Religious School, the Madrichim Program, Madrichim Tuition, the Madrichim Application form, and help on which forms you need to fill out, please refer to our Membership Information Page.

   THE FINISH        

Includes voluntary commitment for membership, building funds. Includes voluntary tuition for religious school and Madrichim tuition when applicable. Includes Past Dues Balances when applicable. You may select an installment plan on the payment page. More details and help available on our Membership Information Page.
Mon, July 22 2024 16 Tammuz 5784