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New Member Registration 2022-2023

This is the New Member Registration Form for households who were not active members of Shir Hadash Synagogue last year. After you fill out this form and submit payment, you will be a member of Shir Hadash Synagogue for this year!

Do NOT complete this form on your phone!
Feeling lost? Click on this link to our Membership Information Page, which contains useful information such as:
  • Links to all our forms
  • Help on understanding which forms you need to fill out
  • Descriptions of different kinds of information we collect in these forms
  • Information about payment plans and methods
  • Account Login Help
  • and more !


Please identify your membership category for demographic information only. Please refer to our Membership Information Page for help on which category to select.

Please select your appropriate category 


Please fill out the following information for the adults in the household.

First Name
First Name

Please enter dashes
Please enter dashes
In what tradition were you raised?
In what tradition were you raised?

Home Address

Additional Address Information

Home Phone #  Landlines only, please enter dashes.

if applicable
Name and Phone
Name and Phone
I have reviewed this information and it is currently correct.  I understand that this information will be used for congregational communciations and will be published in the directory as listed here. 


Please enter your child(ren)'s information by clicking the small + sign below. Keep clicking the + sign until you have finished entering all of your children. Please refer to our Membership Information Page for maximum age limits before children need their own membership accounts.

(Please insert dashes)
If none, leave blank



Please refer to our Membership Information Page for more information about our Voluntary Commitment program.

Please enter total amount for the year.
You may select an installment plan on the payment page

Please refer to our Information Membership Page for information about our Building Fund and your obligations in this area.
*If you choose to pay your Building Fund commitment all at once, you receive a 20% discount off the total of $2450 for a full payment of $1960.
Please fill in the amount that you have already worked out with the Office Administrator.

I would like to make an additional donation to our Building Fund to make sure our repairs and upgrades can be properly executed.




This amount should include voluntary tuition for all students entering Grades K-7. The break-even amount per student this year is $1,539.  Please refer to  our Membership Information Page for details about Religious School Voluntary Tuition.



For additional information about our Religious School, the Madrichim Program, Madrichim Tuition, the Madrichim Application form, and help on which forms you need to fill out, please refer to our Membership Information Page.



The synagogue often finds itself in need of expertise and specialized skills sets beyond the realm of our small staff. Please refer to our Membership Information Page for more information about volunteering your skills and time.




As a new member of Shir Hadash, I/we understand I/we am/are making a commitment to support the Jewish community. I/we understand that all financial commitments must be current, and that I/we must be a Member in Good Standing (according to the policies of Shir Hadash) in order to receive High Holy Day access and other synagogue services.

I/we further understand Shir Hadash depends upon this commitment and I/we pledge to fulfill my financial obligation on or before May 31, 2023. If I/we am/are unable to do so, I/we agree to contact the office to make alternative payment arrangements.

I/we hereby grant Shir Hadash Synagogue permission to use my/our likeness(es), as well as those of my/our children, in a photograph, video, or other digital media (“photo”) in any and/or all its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration, and without name identification. (You may opt out of this clause for your children by calling the office or indicating so on the Religious School Registration form.)

My/Our good faith commitment to fulfill this membership pledge during the required time period is represented by my/ our entering my/our name(s) below. 

Includes voluntary commitment for membership, building funds. Includes voluntary tuition for religious school and Madrichim tuition when applicable. You may select an installment plan on the payment page. More details and help available on our Membership Information Page


A copy of this form will be sent to you.

Tue, June 6 2023 17 Sivan 5783