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2020-2021 New Membership with Voluntary Commitment 
Current Members, please use this form.

Shir Hadash is committed to excellence - in programming, education, staffing, and service. Excellence includes meeting our budget. Shir Hadash exists because members recognize and fulfill their responsibility toward its preservation. When you become a part of Shir Hadash, your commitment of financial support helps assure the ongoing vitality of our community.

enlightened If you are a current member, please go to this page to complete your registration form.  We apologize for any confusion. 

Please identify your category for demographic information only. Note that in a Senior Household, the oldest member of the family must have been born on or before July 1, 1955. Any member of your family aged 26 and older should commit to their own membership.

Please select your appropriate category 

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Please enter your child(ren)'s information by clicking the small + sign below. Keep clicking the + sign until you have finished entering all of your children.

When you register for religious school, you will have to re-enter all your child(ren)'s information again on that form.


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We are proud to be a congregation in which members give freely and from the heart. Knowing that our members would like guidance on how to determine their annual financial commitment, we are providing several examples of commitment levels:

The total expense budget divided by the number of adults is $3,020 for a 2-adult household, ($1,510 per adult). Receiving this amount would allow us to break even for our 2020/2021 fiscal year.

Help us by introducing Shir Hadash to friends, relatives and acquaintances. As we add more members, the amount we would need per adult will become less.

We are introducing the Haverim Society with the hope that members will contribute at a higher level than they did in the past year. All members that contribute at least 10% more than they did last year will be recognized as being part of our Haverim Society. Religious School Tuition and Fees, Building Fund and B’nai Mitzvah Fees will remain separate obligations, and our needs in those areas are great.

You will be kept informed of our financial contribution progress throughout the year. This is the second year of this new voluntary commitment program and we are confident that everyone will give as generously as they can based upon what your head and heart suggest.


Suggested Levels are for reference only as each member household must decide the level of support that their heart and head tell them is right for them. Please check one or fill in the blank.

If Other, please enter total amount.
You may select an installment plan on the payment page
Shir Hadash is much more than an organization: It is a congregational home. Just like your home, our facilities need upkeep and maintenance, but this can only be done through the generous support of congregants and members of the community.
In order to preserve our congregational home and keep it secure for future generations, we must keep it on a solid financial basis. Through the expected payment of the building fund, in addition to voluntary commitment, all members of the community help achieve this goal.
A Building Fund commitment of $350 a year for your first seven years of membership is a necessary charge. If you choose to pay your Building Fund commitment all at once, you receive a 20% discount from the total of $2,450, which is a lump sum of $1,960.
If you have fulfilled your building fund commitment at Shir Hadash, that's awesome!  If you fulfilled it at another congregation, we will adjust your account appropriately after we receive written documentation from that synagogue.

Please note the form will not complete if you do not make a selection here.

*If you choose to pay your Building Fund commitment all at once, you receive 20% the total of $2450 for a full payment of $1960.

I would like to make an additional donation to our Building Fund to make sure our repairs and upgrades can be properly executed.

Religious School Tuition
Please click yes if you plan to enroll one or more children as religious school students and/or madrichim.  We will contact you shortly to provide you with the modified tuition requirements for each grade level and with the opportunity to save additional fees by completing the registration early.  Please note that by selecting “Yes” you are guaranteeing your child(ren) an enrollment spot in the 2020-2021 school year

Your student(s) will be registered for the 2020/2021 school year when:

1) You renew your synagogue membership for the 2020/2021 fiscal year with the required payment information.

2) You submit the School Registration Form.

3) You are confirmed as being in good financial standing (i.e. current in your financial obligations) with the synagogue. This includes any outstanding balances for the 2019/2020 fiscal year.


All contributors are strongly encouraged to volunteer in one or more of these mitzvot of time. We suggest a minimum of 3 hours per month. Please check next to any area below where you can offer counsel or give expertise.


Shir Hadash finds itself in need of expertise and experience beyond the realm of our small staff. Please check below next to any area you can make yourself available to counsel or give assistance.


Shir Hadash is grateful for your gift of time with existing initiatives, as there is much to do to ensure a rich experience across our community. Joining a committee, a task force or helping at a service or event makes an immediate impact on synagogue life. Please check below next to any committee / task force or event in which you are interested in participating.

Total Amount Due for 2020/2021:
Membership Renewal, Building Fund, and Religious School 

You may select an installment plan on the payment page. If you have payment processing problems, please contact the synagogue office at 847-498-8218.


As a member of Shir Hadash, I/we understand I/we am/are making a commitment to support the Jewish community. I/we understand that all financial commitments must be current, and that I/we must be a Member in Good Standing (according to the policies of Shir Hadash) in order to receive High Holy Day access and other synagogue services.

I/we further understand Shir Hadash depends upon this commitment and I/we pledge to fulfill my financial obligation on or before May 31, 2021. If I/we am/are unable to do so, I/we agree to contact the Executive Director to make alternative payment arrangements.

I/we hereby grant Shir Hadash Synagogue permission to use my/our likeness(es), as well as those of my/our children, in a photograph, video, or other digital media (“photo”) in any and/or all its publications, including web-based publications, without payment or other consideration, and without name identification.(You may opt out of this clause for your children by calling the office or indicating so on the Religious School Registration form.)

My/Our good faith commitment to fulfill this membership pledge during the required time period is represented by my/ our entering my/our name(s) below. 

A copy of this form will be sent to you.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please be as straightforward as possible, so that we can refine and improve the user experience and form.

10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest

10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest


Tue, May 18 2021 7 Sivan 5781