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 Host an Oneg

We are proud to be a participatory congregation.  Hosting an Oneg (the refreshments after a service), greeting guests and members, as they arrive for services and helping with any setup or break down of the sanctuary, are easy ways to enhance the spirit of our community.
We ask that each household volunteers once during the course of the year for one of these mitzvot.

For most of our services, we can have up to 3 families working together to fulfill these duties - which should make everything very fast and easy!

Setting up the sanctuary includes setting up candles, wine and challah on the bima and doing a quick survey of the building to verify that everything is neat and orderly for services. After services, cleaning up includes putting away any prayer books left out and generally straightening up.

Greeting our guests and members entails being outside the sanctuary 10-15 minutes before services start to help our guests find the coat room, prayer books and anything else they may need.  It also includes being available during the service to help guests find the washroom or address any needs that might arise.

Oneg, you are NOT responsible for providing all the refreshments - just setting up and cleaning up!

Hosting the Oneg entails setting up the desserts, making coffee and putting out other drinks.  It also entails buying and bringing one challah.  At the end of the evening, you are responsible for cleaning up the kitchen.   When you host an

When you volunteer, you may choose to acknowledge a lifecycle event such as a birthday, anniversary, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, baby naming,Yarhtzeit or any other occasion.

All dates are Friday evenings unless otherwise noted.

To sign up, please select a date from the drop-down list below.  If you would like to recognize a special event, please indicate that as well.  If a date does not appear as "open" all volunteer slots have been filled.

You are welcome to also sign up for more than one date if you are interested in doing so.

If you are unable to volunteer at all, we suggest a donation of $36 offset the costs incurred by the synagogue.

1)  Please select the date you would like to volunteer for.  Unless noted, services begin at 7:30 pm.

2) The number of open slots is indicated by "X Open"

3). If you are unable to volunteer for any of the listed times, a donation is welcome to offset the cost incurred by the synagogue for the Oneg Shabbat.  

Sponsor an Oneg

Celebrate your next birthday, anniversary, engagement, child's birth, grandchild's birth and much more by sponsoring an oneg at one of our Friday night Shabbat services.

Sponsor an oneg for a friend's event that you want to acknowledge.

As a sponsor, your name or the name of those whose event you want to celebrate can be publicized in the weekly email, the weekly bulletin (if far enough in advance) and the Shabbat program.



Tue, 11 August 2020