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2020-2021 Religious School Tuition

Please use this page to determine your family's religious school tuition commitment for 2020-2021 and  to arrange payment.

This page assumes that you have already completed religious school registration for students and Madrachim. If you have any questions, please contact the office at or 847-498-8218.

Voluntary Tuition for Religious School Students (Grades K-7)

For the 2020-2021 school year, Shir Hadash will shift to a voluntary commitment model for school tuition for all students in Kindergarten through Seventh grade. This model will be nearly identical to our membership structure which allows families to place a monetary amount on how much they value their membership to the congregation and then commit to paying that amount over the course of the year (or all at once depending on preference).

For reference, the per-student break-even amount (i.e. the total Religious School annual expense budget divided by the expected number of students = $75,000 / 45 students) is $1,667 per student.

Also for reference, last year's tuition structure based upon grade was as follows:
  K-1   $200 per year
  2-4   $500 per year
  5-7   $1,000 per year

While we certainly encourage you to contribute the per-student break-even amount of $1,667 per student, or alternatively, the amounts from last year's tuition structure, we understand that some of you have been economically impacted by this ongoing pandemic.  We do not want to have anyone in our community to feel as though they have to choose between everyday life and whether or not have your children participate in religious school.

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This amount should include voluntary tuition for all students entering grades K-7

Tuition for Madrachim Teen Volunteers (Grades 8-12)

Tuition for all Madrachimchot entering grades 8-12 is $200 for the year.

For this year, as in other years, Eighth grade Madrichimot will not be compensated for their time.

However, Madrachimot entering grades 9-12 grades are eligible for compensation as follows: 
  • Once they attended sixty percent (60%) of the sessions for the year, they will be eligible to receive payment of $250.  
  • Once they have attended eighty percent (80%) of the sessions for the year, they will be eligible to receive an additional payment of $100.
The maximum payment will be $350 for any Ninth grade or older Madrichimot. 
This should include all Madrachimot entering grades 8-12



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