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Virtual Travels with David Liebling to Sites of Jewish History

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 2 Kislev 5781

7:30 PM - 9:00 PMOnline this new series, Shir Hadash member David Liebling will use his extensive research and travel experience to lead us on a virtual tour of this month's travel destination. Learn about the sights and history, especially Jewish history, of each new location.

The Zoom link will be sent out in an email the week of the event, so keep an eye on your inbox!

This month's destination: Cordoba and Grenada in the Age of Maimonides

Moorish Spain was a unique place and time for Jews, Muslims and Christians. Before the Arab conquest of Spain in 722 CE, the Visigothic Kingdom was hostile to Jews. After the Moors established their rule, a period of cooperation and fluorescence occurred for all 3 religious groups in Spain. Cordoba became one of great cities of the world (9th-12th centuries CE) and the city of Granada built one of the most beautiful palaces in the history of architecture, the Alhambra. Maimonides was born in Cordoba in 1135. When he left Spain in 1158 at the age of 23, he had totally absorbed the great culture of Moorish Spain and this knowledge propelled him in through the rest of his life in Fez and Egypt.

Upper photo credit:

Lower photo credit: Turol Jones, un artista de cojones from Villanueva del Cascajal, República Independiente de Mi Casa

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Thu, 22 October 2020