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Q: How do I change my password ?

A: Login and access the “My Profile” page (see link on Home Page)


Q: I forgot my password, what do I do ?

A: There is a "Forgot Password" link on the Log IN menu.  Click on the Log IN tab.   Forgot Password is in small print beneath the Sign in button.  The Log In is on the upper right corner of your screen.


Q: Where is this membership management being hosted ?

A: This is an online system hosted by a private company in New York (Shulcloud).  The system was built in 1994 by a consortium of shuls in upstate NY for their individual needs and it’s use has spread to shuls across the country.  This was designed by and is used by Shuls of all kinds.


Q: Is my information protected ?

A: Yes.  The system is only accessible by members of SH.  Further, there are restrictions on what members can see.  There are a limited number of administrators (2-3) that have the ability to support the system.


Q: Is ShulCloud secure ?

A: Yes.  They don’t store credit card information.  They use SSL to encrypt all payment transactions and can use SSL to encrypt other sensitive areas for the site.


Q: How do I check my account balance(s) ?

A: As of right now, ShulCloud account balances are NOT accurate reflections of your overall account balance - payments made directly to the office are not reflected here.  For the most accurate balance report, please email either or


Q: Can I make donations ?

A: Yes.  We now have a Donations page listing all the types of donations.

Sat, September 22 2018 13 Tishrei 5779