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Give a Bissele

Give a bissele.* Give a lot.

bissele – a Yiddish word meaning a piece, a bit, or a little. “Ess a bissele, tatele. Ess. – Eat a little bit, sweet child. Eat!”


At Shir Hadash, the success of our programming depends on the generosity of our members. It takes a lot of money to produce the high quality worship services, religious school classes, adult education courses and speakers, youth group programs, Tikkun Olam/Social  Action projects, and other amazing events that we offer throughout the year. You support is needed so that we can continue to meet the needs of our community.

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Todah Rabah (Thank you) to those that have already given!

We make every attempt to update the list as soon as an item is sponsored.

Specific Micro Sponsorships

We understand that not every community member has disposable income to spend at‐will all the time. We created a way for all Shir Hadash community members to give back to the community for this exact reason. Please consider contributing to your Shir Hadash synagogue either through a cash donation amount or by sponsoring some of the bigger ticket items below that are so essential to our operations and programming. Give a bissele. Give a lot ‐ so that we can continue to serve our members in the best way, the Shir Hadash way – a New Song for Jewish living.

Programming & Events

$1000... 2017 Israeli Film Festival in November.  Thank You to Jerry Carl & Susan Cohen for sponsoring this event.

Sunday Morning Bagel Bar.  Thank you to Bruce and Tammy Pomper.

Programming & Shabbat

School & Learning

Dues & Affiliation Fees

Building & Improvements

Please Note:  While we have attempted to be as accurate as possible in the above sponsorship amounts, the actual costs may be slightly lower.  We appreciate your understanding that these are not exact amounts but as close as possible.  Any remaining funds will be put towards similar costs.

Thu, January 17 2019 11 Shevat 5779